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"Luc Ferrari Exercises d'Improvisation" was released this month by Italian record label "Dodicilune". The compositions by French composer Luc Ferrari was played by four jazz masters - Giancarlo Schiaffini (trombone), Walter Prati (cello), Francesca Gemmo (piano) and Sergio Armaroli (vibraphone). These four musicians are interesting musicians. Their playing style is based on free improvisation, electroacoustic music, experimental music, academic avant-garde and experimental jazz synthesis. Luc Ferrari is famous and interesting 20th century composer. The main field of his music style - electroacoustic music and academic avant-garde. Through long years of creative activity, Luc Ferrari formed and masterfully improved his own composing style. Electronics, acoustic instruments, magnetic tape records, field recordings, basic elements of dodecaphony and serialism, spectral music, concrete music, experimental playing techniques of contemporary academical music, free improvisation and not-stricly based form - all these elements contain the main parts of his compositions. Luc Ferrari composing style was based on many different music elements and effected by other famous 20th century composers. Olivier Messiaen, Edgard Varèse, Arthur Honegger music had made big influence to Luc Ferrari playing style. Luc Ferrari is one of the creators of concrete and electroacoustic music. His music has original, specific and interesting sound. The elements of concrete and electroacoustic music are gently synthesized together with free improvisation, which also is very important to these improvisations. Luc Ferrari compositions have free form, interesting structure, are based on contrasts and shocking musical experiments. Spontaneous, vibrant and expressive solos, free collective improvisations take very important place of Luc Ferrari improvisations and make them always to switch between academic avant-garde and free improvisation.


The composition of this album were played by four Italian jazz masters. Each of them has his own playing style. All the musicians like to experiment in all fields of musical language - especially in specific timbres and sound effects section. Passionate and touching sound of this album compositions is based on many different music elements. Deep, vibrant and depressive trombone sounds, soft, vivacious and expressive vibraphones, vivid piano melodies and contrasting cello melodies - all these elements help the musicians to create different and specific sound of Luc Ferrari compositions. Trombone melodies form and extract very deep and depressive sound - its full of repetitive and monotonic tones, static rhythms and harsh timbres. Walter Prati cello melodies are based on free and spontaneous improvisations, which have many contrasts. Subtle and soft melodies, unusual timbres, dynamic rhythmic and vibrant sound are highly contrasting with expressive and vivacious melodies. Piano melodies by Francesca Gemmo are moody and contrasting - vivacious melodies are fused with repetitive rhythmic and melodic elements. Interesting harmony, repetitive or very dynamic rhythmic, huge range of different musical expressions and free improvisations are highly effecting whole sound of the compositions. Piano, trombone and cello melodies are illustrated by soft and repetitive vibraphones. Soft, subtle, colorful and gorgeous sound of vibraphones is the opposite to the loud, expressive and active melodies. The music of this album has contrasting and expressive sound and huge variety of moods. Harch, depressive and dark episodes are gently twisted together with dramatic and loud free improvisations, energetic solos, dissonance and interesting harmony, expressive, lengthy and vivacious melodies or subtle and soft pieces. The basic elements of Luc Ferrari compositions are succesfully and masterfully revealed - four interesting and creative improvisers create passionate, interesting and extraordinary sound of this album compositions.


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